Posted on Apr. 15, 2021 by EmilyHatch

Instructors trust that the training simulators they purchase are realistic and teach trainees skills.

Trainees trust that when they engage in a training simulator, it is immersive, life-like and can improve abilities that are later transferred to the field.

Departments trust that with every simulator they purchase, their officers are more equipped to handle current issues and better protect their community.

All of this of this relies on the training simulator offering realistic environments and scenarios. Any form of training must be as realistic as possible to successfully induce stress and challenge the trainee to engage in the situation with a clear head. This concept applies to all training simulators, especially driving simulators, like VirTra’s V-DTS™—Driver Trainer Simulator.

Realism is in the Details

One powerful detail is actually an accessory: the 4th screen. This optional screen is as it says: a fourth screen placed immediately behind the driver for added immersion. While it might sound strange at first, the purpose behind a fourth screen is to teach officers to rely on physically turning around and manually checking their rear window and surroundings instead of relying solely on backup cameras.

Another realistic detail is the customizable weather conditions and environmental options. Thanks to this ability, instructors can customize the simulation to reflect driving conditions based on their climate. For instance, if your department is located in a desert, instructors can make it so the environment contains a bright sun, minimal rain and so forth. Or, instructors can use this ability to teach officers driving tactics that take place in environments not often experienced in the area. Using the desert example, instructors can make it so trainees must engage in a heavy rainstorm.

Something VirTra provides with our driver simulator—that no other company provides! —is nationally-certified EVO curriculum. Our V-VICTA EVO curriculum comes free with all V-DTS simulators and encompasses a wide range of training: lesson plans, booklets, professionally-produced track courses on the simulator and so forth. With this curriculum nationally-certified, officers can receive training hours in an easy manner.

As great as these amenities are, these are just a few features of VirTra’s Driver Simulator that make training so realistic. Learn more about the details behind the hardware or contact a VirTra specialist for more information.

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