Posted on Dec. 17, 2020 by VirTra Inc

The holidays are a busy time for all, especially law enforcement. Extra shifts, an increase in travelers and accidents, and bad weather all contribute to less time available for training and more time consumed by working. However, even with limited time, instructors can teach driving skills and increase cognitive learning with VirTra’s V-DTS™.

The V-DTS—Driver Training Simulator—focuses heavily on proper driving techniques, situational awareness, decision making and the cognitive learning process, all of which are easily transferred to the field. Since this training takes place in the safe, controlled environment of the classroom, instructors can initiate training at any time. Plus, training with simulators allows instructors to adapt to the officer’s available time, whether it be a short training period or long.

Customizable Driving Environments

Each V-DTS is equipped with Scenario Authoring, which allows instructors to customize training through the creation or modification of existing scenarios. Now, training can be tailored to the department’s specific needs, such as creating a scenario that reflects an actual location within an officer’s jurisdiction where accidents commonly occur. Other customizable options include:

Customizable weather, time of day, season and road conditions
Pedestrians and vehicles programmed to perform certain tasks when triggered
• Addition of radio dispatch and chatter

Driver training depends entirely on the goal. For example, instructors can teach officers how to properly perform maneuvers in snowy, icy or windy conditions if their agency is located in a place where these conditions naturally occur.

Each Drive Sim is also equipped with V-VICTA™—Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy—curriculum to aid in teaching. Now, instructors can utilize 24 hours of nationally-certified EVO curriculum, which is comprised of lectures, PowerPoint presentations and scenarios to teach and practice the concepts.

Training in this manner helps officers hone and perfect their skills and navigation in harsh environments in a simulated environment before driving in the same conditions while out on patrol.

Driver Training Scenarios

If the instructor wants to focus more on the scenario itself rather than the environment, they can send officers through a given scenario with little traffic in the countryside, then the same scenario in a busy city with heavy rain. Practicing the same scenario with a variety of locations and variables teaches officers to think and adapt quickly, while moving the skillset into long-term memory.

Since VirTra programs each V-DTS with multiple lessons, tracks and vehicles, instructors no longer have to waste time setting up cones, reserving cars, spend time creating curriculum or purchase gas. Instead, everything is in one central location and easily loaded with a click of the mouse.

Don’t sacrifice quality training. Create a driving training schedule that works for your department and stay up-to-date on driving techniques while increasing situational awareness and critical thinking skills.

Contact a VirTra specialist to learn more about maximizing training during busy holiday times.

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